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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Graith Care questions and answers

  • How can I acquire a personal health consultant through Graith Care?
    You can either Click "Get An Advocate" on our website, call us on 469-864-7149, or email for a tailored match.
  • In which regions does Graith Care operate?
    We're proud to provide our services across all 50 states in the USA and Internationally.
  • What exactly does a patient advocate do?
    A patient advocate is more than just a guide; we're your partner in your healthcare journey. We: ✨ Assist in understanding medical diagnoses and treatment options. ✨ Ensure that you are well-informed about your rights. ✨ Help communicate with healthcare professionals. ✨ Navigate insurance concerns and understand medical bills.
  • What assistance does a patient advocate from Graith Care offer?
    o get a detailed idea tailored to your needs, please contact our Intake team on 469-864-7149or email We're here to help!
  • For which age groups does Graith Care offer advocacy?
    Pediatrics Teenagers Young Adults Middle Aged Adults Seniors Absolutely, if someone needs a patient advocate, we're here to provide exceptional care!
  • How can an advocate enhance my Doctor’s visit experience?
    Our advocates can assist in prepping for a physician's appointment, ensuring you maximize the typically brief 15-minute session. This preparation can make the difference in terms of saving time and possibly preventing repeat visits for unresolved issues.
  • Why am I having trouble getting a response from medical and healthcare entities?
    If you're struggling with receiving timely feedback from healthcare providers, billing departments, or other related services, our advocates can step in. They're trained to navigate these complexities and get you the answers you need.
  • Is a Healthcare Power of Attorney necessary?
    Absolutely, and it's not just for seniors. Our advocates can guide you through obtaining one. Decide who you want speaking on your behalf when you can't.
  • I've seen numerous doctors without answers. How can an advocate help?
    An advocate can assist in outlining the next potential steps based on your specific health concerns, supporting you throughout the journey.
  • Can an advocate guide me on hospital protocols, especially regarding isolation?
    Certainly. While each institution has its protocols, an advocate can help align family and care teams, always keeping the patient's best interest at heart.
  • What if I lack insurance or my insurance won't cover a needed procedure?
    Our advocates can provide tailored solutions based on your situation, ensuring you're informed and aware of available options.
  • Does Graith Care partner with businesses?
    Yes, we offer Business-to-Business Support. If your organization seeks to elevate the care level provided to staff or clients, reach out to us at or use our "contact us" option.
  • Is there an expiration on the advocacy time I purchase?
    No, your purchased advocacy time has no expiration. Use it at your convenience.
  • Can I buy additional advocacy time whenever necessary?
    Absolutely, you can always choose more time or even opt for after-hours services.
  • If I still have unused advocacy time, can it be reserved for future needs?
    Definitely. We recommend keeping any leftover advocacy time for any unforeseen needs that may arise in the future.
  • Need Further Assistance?
    If you have any additional questions or need support, why not book a call with our Intake team? We offer a complimentary 15-minute call.
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