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Testimonials from Our Patient Advocate Clients

Here, we are proud to share real stories and experiences from our valued customers who have found solace, support, and peace of mind through our services.

We understand that navigating medical challenges can be overwhelming, especially in uncertain times like the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been privileged to assist individuals and families, ensuring that they don’t have to face medical settings or situations alone.


In this collection of testimonials, you will discover firsthand accounts of how Graith Care has made a positive impact in the lives of our clients. From finding hope amidst fear and anxiety to receiving the vital care they need, our clients have generously shared their heartfelt stories to inspire and uplift others who may be facing similar circumstances.


Donna Needham

Finding Hope and Support During Challenging Times

In March of 2020 the name “Covid’ reared its’ ugly head. When we began hearing about ‘Covid” not much information was shared about this ‘illness’ and the rumors were running wild. Now my nature is to always have all the facts to feel secure. Sadly there were so many different stories my fears only got worse and then its’ friend ‘anxiety reared its’ ugly head. At about the same time of all this confusion my husband and I moved in May of 2021 from our home of 35 years to a smaller home in Southern California. I knew no one. I continued to read everything I could find out about this mysterious illness day in and day out.  Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and do more research…I was concerned about the conflicting stories I was reading. At that time I also began to hear about people suffering with no personal support system in hospitals and not getting the care they needed. Like so many I felt so alone and helpless and thought ‘that could be me’?! I heard about Graith Care in an interview with the founder Priscilla Romans. That interview gave me hope. I called Graith Care that day and was told about the program and their vision to make sure no one was alone in any medical setting or situation. I was assigned an amazing advocate and I can honestly say that my fear and anxiety diminished. When Priscilla asked me to be one of the Board Members on Graithful Giving, I was honored. To be able to participate in an organization where their goal is to not only make sure you aren’t alone, but that you have a medically trained advocate to speak for you so that you get life saving care. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


Donna Needham


Molly and Jim Loup

A Journey of Hope and Healing

Every breath is precious. In February 2022, our lives began a journey that we never thought would turn out the way it did. Jim was diagnosed with Covid. On Day 14 after his diagnosis, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. He was in isolation for eight days. Three weeks into his ICU stay, he was languishing and the protocol they were using was not working. We asked the doctors if they would give IV vitamins and Ivermectin and the doctor said, “it just makes expensive urine and wouldn’t work.” A friend was helping us watch his prognosis and told us about Graith Care advocacy. We called Graith Care and Priscilla became our advocate.

We learned about United Memorial Medical Center. UMMC had many people surviving with Covid. The hospital Jim was in was dehydrating him. He was getting worse and worse. We were on the phone for hours with the insurance company and hours trying to find air ambulances that would be in network to fly Jim to Houston. The Lord Jesus intervened. We found an air ambulance that would fly Jim to Houston, but we would have to pay cash because it wasn’t in the insurance network; Our Heavenly Father provided the money. Jim made it to Houston on a Sunday.

The doctor at UMMC said if Jim had stayed there, he would have been dead within a week. They were talking about a release date just 9 days after he had been there. Two days before his release from UMMC his gallbladder went gangrenous. Perforated gallbladder was a side effect to one of the medications that he had taken at the second hospital.

He was then transferred to another hospital in Houston, this was our fourth hospital. He was put on a ventilator for several days. While at the fourth hospital he was taken in for emergency gallbladder surgery. Priscilla so graciously drove from Dallas to Houston to sit with me while Jim was in surgery. God spared his other organs. He was 10 days in ICU at then, he was moved to the main floor. After two days on the main floor, he was accepted at a rehabilitation hospital closer to where I, Molly, was staying. I was planning on going to Houston to bring Jim home 18 hours away. Our plans got changed when his gallbladder ruptured.

My son and I were blessed to stay with friends in their home for 31 days while Jim was in the hospitals. God provided rental cars while we stayed there. After 63 days in the hospital from February 24 to April 28, we arrived home on May 6, 2022.

We are so passionate about getting the news out that people don’t have to be fearful or alone in this journey. Jim has had to resign his job and we are working on applying for disability. It’s a long road ahead of us. So thankful that God chose to spare his life. We want to help people that might be in the same position we were in just less than seven months ago.


We are excited to be on the team with Graith Giving. Graith Giving will have an opportunity to help others to have hope.


Molly and Jim Loup

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