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Meet Our Expert Patient Advocates

Our advocates bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive support and guidance to patients navigating the healthcare system.  

At Graith Care, we are proud to have a team of dedicated patient advocates with diverse backgrounds and expertise across various disciplines in health and wellness. Our advocates bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive support and guidance to patients navigating the healthcare system.

Ready to benefit from the expertise of our patient advocates? 


Priscilla Romans

Priscilla Romans is the Founder & CEO of Graith Care with a background in bedside nursing as a RN, BSN with her original nursing starting out in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit. Priscilla also went on to expand her healthcare experience by getting her master’s degree in nursing leadership in Health Systems Management. Priscilla brings her experiences of working in hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries to help advocate for those in need. It is time to give control back to the healthcare consumer with advocacy!​  Priscilla is a mom of 4 and wants to change the landscape of healthcare for her family and those she serves by finding options and solutions to those in need in a very complex healthcare system. All options should be on the table in patient care and Priscilla and her amazing team of advocates across the states and internationally will continue to provide advocacy to our members at Graith Care! 

Whitney Hunsaker

“My name is Whitney Hunsaker and I have been a Pediatric nurse for 9 years. I established my nursing career in Lubbock, TX and continue to work as a staffing nurse at a Children’s Hospital.​I started out in the PICU for 5 years and continued to work as a staffing nurse and travel to all of the hospital units within the Women’s and Children’s realm. I have a Bachelors in Nursing and Psychology and a Masters in Education. I am BLS, ACLS, PALS, Chemo and NRP certified. I am certified in Adult and Pediatric Trauma.​I provide compassionate care to my patients with a patient and family centered goal. I started with Graith Care in January of 2022 after watching the devastation across the healthcare system over the past 2 years. I believe in providing advocacy and providing options for those in need. Healthcare has changed and we need to focus on prevention and advocacy. I love helping people and I can see my role in Graith Care Advocacy is making an impact. I am blessed to be part of this team.

“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear” Florence Nightingale



Bobbi Skyler

As a nurse for 29+ years, I have worked at the bedside in many settings from small Critical Access hospitals where you “do it all” to large ERs and a Medical/Surgical floor of a large hospital. My Bachelor of Science was obtained in Grand Junction, Colorado. After working my first 12 years in a small hospital in Rifle, Colorado, I have spent the last 16 years as a travel nurse. I have recently left the bedside setting and prefer to help people navigate through this confusing healthcare system.​Advocating for my patients has always been part of my standard of care! I am holistically and alternative care focused and have a passion to empower, educate and encourage clients to be the leader of their healthcare team. No one knows you better than you! I was functional med minded before that phrase was coined. The root cause of illness is one major key to health.​Research into alternative, holistic, and natural methods of treating chronic and acute health issues is also a passion of mine. While I have been helping people navigate through a sometimes-confusing healthcare system for many years, the support I receive from Graith Care is awesome! I receive great satisfaction in knowing that I am able to impact people’s health and their lives so much more in this role then at the bedside!I am excited to be a part of the Graith Care Team of Advocates. This is a dream come true for me!​

My “Tragedy Ann: Scraps, Bumps, and Bruises” book is out on Amazon.  I’m very proud of this book. It teaches children simple things they can do to take care of their own boo boos. This is done in a story form with a note at the back to the caregiver that includes ideas of how they can discuss all the things that Tragedy Ann did to help herself. Here is a link to the book on Amazon!

 The story shows that despite difficulties, things can be turned around to a positive ending giving the message “never give up” and inspiring perseverance with self-help to a child audience. This book helps to put parents and grandparents mind’s at ease by teaching children some very basic ideas that children can follow when they get minor injuries. Even a boo boo can lead to a learning experience. A great resource to keep on hand for the kiddos to empowers them to do what they can to take care of their own minor injuries. A life lesson that will never be wasted! The book’s illustrations are fun and well done.




Leah Jaggers

 In this journey, I have learned a few helpful things 

1- Physicians have OPINIONS. They don’t get the final say
2- YOU know yourself best.
3- YOU are the CAPTAIN of your own healthcare ship.
4- YOU need someone present with you in your corner every step of the way
5- Even in its best moments, healthcare is limited by insurance companies, protocols, corporate thinking, personal bias, and by poor staffing ratios. 

6- You will still find gems along the way - nurses or doctors who may not understand but who want to help you find the answers

Through this crazy roller coaster of life, I have become experienced in tracheostomy care, t-tube care, and laryngectomy care.
Other experience:

-Home Care for ventilator-dependent baby with tracheostomy 

-Tube feedings

-HITT antibody

-Wound vac/ Wound care/ID

-ophthalmic procedures

-helping burned-out caregivers

-Telehealth and independent advocacy through the pandemic working to keep covid patients out of the hospital 

and more… when you are a nurse - you get called all the time by friends and family to help them with advocacy and figuring things out.


Mary Kay Gilbert

I am #Graithful to be a part of the Graith Care team! I have over 25 years’ experience as a healthcare professional managing clinical and financial healthcare risk. For the bulk of my career, I have worked to bring improved healthcare solutions to market and launched numerous cost-containment initiatives within the managed healthcare and employer space. My clinical focus encompasses: Cardiology, Oncology, Perinatal/Neonatal, Transplant and Specialty Pharmaceuticals. I have recently expanded into more holistic healthcare modalities including the use of cannabis as medicine– providing customized treatment plans to empower people with confidence to take charge of their own healthcare decisions. I am on a renewed mission to share my knowledge and expertise of emerging solutions, that the healthcare consumer may not be aware of. I am enthusiastic about empowering people with insights on how to navigate our complex healthcare system – all while holding the healthcare system accountable! I am a strong proponent of shared decision-making and informed consent between patient and provider. I received my Registered Nursing degree from the University of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, MN, I am a Board-Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA). I am active in many professional organizations and advisory boards. In my free time, you can find me with family, near the water in either NW Wisconsin or SW Florida.

Lisa Bell Henson

Lisa Bell Henson grew up in Arkansas in a health care family that loved serving people. Her dad was a solo practice endocrinologist and her mom a geriatric nurse that founded a non profit visitation program for the elderly in nursing homes, Project Compassion. Lisa has incorporated the best of her family’s tradition of service with a desire to help people improve their health and overcome challenges in body, mind and spirit.

Lisa’s career has spanned from the bedside to the corporate boardroom, starting as an ICU nurse, then transitioning to pharmaceutical marketing with an MBA. Due to the demands of motherhood she embraced the flexible hours of entrepreneurship in fitness, nutrition and the CBD industry.
Lisa has incorporated her traditional health care background with three decades in holistic health to help clients generate, repair, and revitalize their health. She is passionate about helping others reach a goal, shift a pattern, learn new skills, or provide a safe space to be heard and recognized. Lisa loves facilitating positive health change in others, helping them reclaim their health, lose weight, stop a bad habit, or overcome limiting beliefs.



Margene Wilson

Margene was born in Wisconsin & lived there most of her life & married for 35 years to her high school sweetheart Ron. They have twin boys Adam & Aaron, and a younger son Andrew. A few years ago, Ron took a new job, so the 2 of them, relocated just outside of Detroit Mi. She enjoys golfing, exercising & walking her Husky Kounmpo everyday! 

During her 33+ years of hospital nursing experience, she strived to provide safe, competent & compassionate care to primarily adult & geriatric patients. This includes those with chronic disease or acute life-threatening illness, as well as those undergoing surgery & procedures, (both lifesaving & elective) Over the years, hospitalized patient acuity has increased, but unfortunately staffing shortages have also increased. Gone are the days of a patient’s own primary Dr following them during their hospital stay, but instead assigned a hospitalist to oversee their care. Often patients would say they felt like they’re just a number. Electronic Medical Records and nurses utilizing computers on wheels at the bedside also added to less personalized care. 

What has influenced my choice to become an advocate was when she realized the dramatic change in the health care system during the COVID pandemic when authoritarian Government control took over even more of the hospital systems, including their employed physicians, nurses & other staff. No longer was care guided by individualized plans & measured by successful outcomes, but rather mandated one size fits all protocol, with punishment for “disobeying”. This is wrong. 

Margene always fights for patients & their family’s best interest, using her many years nursing experience. That fight will extend into her role as an advocate & is honored to be part of Graith Care’s Advocate team!

Chris Frantz

Chris is a naturopathic doctor (“drugless doctor”) whose passion is getting to the underlying cause of any health imbalance and reversing degenerative disease via natural means ~ because the body doesn’t know dis-ease by name!

That passion grew out of her own personal health crisis 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 aggressive breast cancer and prescribed chemo-, radiation & Arimidex. She refused all three and embarked on her own healing quest utilizing detoxification, Vitamin C IV therapy, Iscador, good nutrition, and a variety of supplements.

Chris has been helping patients since 2006 using root-cause resolution medicine, providing full-disclosure of healthCARE options, and offering optimal treatments & therapies. She is #Graithful now to be a part of the Graith Care team. Chris believes that knowledge is power if it is used wisely, and that, “The only freedom…is that of pursuing our own good in our own way… Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily or mental or spiritual. Over his own health, the individual is sovereign.” – John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)


Kate Dunn

One of the greatest gifts is to alleviate a degree of stress when navigating the healthcare system.  The privilege of walking alongside an individual or their family, finding the best fit for their current and future healthcare needs was not only a responsibility but a joy.  For ten years I assisted in other people’s struggles all while pushing mine aside. In October of 2016 I reached my threshold of patience. Discussing for fifteen years my symptoms of pain that were not compatible with life, useless medication trials and one inaccurate diagnosis after another, I took matters into my own hands. Working directly with Mount Sinai the results were in: Acute Intermittent Porphyria- Positive. My blood disorder no longer has me- I have it!  

Working in the health insurance industry for seventeen years in the United States, having personal experience with the Canadian healthcare system and becoming my own healthcare advocate, the motivation to serve was unyielding.  I prayed for something, anything with the same mindset as mine.  I continued to knock on doors, but it was Graith Care Advocacy that knocked on mine.  I immediately connected with Priscilla not just on the phone but also the vision.  I am beyond grateful to Graith Care and the individuals I work alongside.  Many people dream of making a difference; we are making a difference.  

Martin Samson

I have been a nurse for 5 yrs. Started in ICU and worked my way down into the Cath lab and now I am the charge nurse for the outpatient area for the Cath Lab. Cardiac nursing is my specialty. 


Mary L Lovvorn

For the past 2 years, working in ‘healthcare’ was out of the question for me due to the information being shared that I knew was against what I know as ‘truth’ about infection, transmission, mask usage, and injections to prevent disease. Nursing has been my life since 1980 and for the past 25 years, end-of-life care became my focus in the hospice and palliative care areas. Even these areas were not open to the kind of care I learned from nature that patients and clients needed. 


While being with many patients nearing death over 25 years, I asked Source to help me find a way to be of service to the sick and dying that was outside the current medical system. ‘Careful what you ask for’. A journey to the desert in Arizona with a Native American shaman began my spiritual journey, leading to care of the ‘whole’ person, whether sick, well or dying using integrative/alternative interventions. In May of this year, a healer friend and I began discussions about starting a service to help those of ‘like mind’ with navigating the current health care system (sick care). 


Searching the web for truth, I saw Priscilla Romans interviewed by Dr. Ardis in May 2022 and was so excited that I emailed her that day and told my friend, “Here is what we wanted to do, and Priscilla has already created it!”


Graith Care’s mission is an amazing, holistic and compassionate approach to providing care options from expert advocates who can share their experience. I look forward to working with the clients who need advocacy through these difficult times. Welcome to true, holistic Health Care management and advocacy!

Melissa Goldbeck

I've been a registered nurse for the past 24 years.  For the first five years of my nursing career, I worked as a mother-baby nurse. 

In August of 2002, I decided to accept a position as a school nurse for students in grades 6-8. I had to learn how to incorporate my nursing practice into an educational setting. For the past 20 years, I have worked with students with chronic medical conditions, and have helped school staff implement plans to help students succeed in the academic setting.   As a school nurse, I must advocate for students because school staff do not always understand how a medical condition can affect how a student will perform in school. Presently, I work with students ranging from preschool to high school.  Serving my students and their families is a priority in my school nurse practice. I would love to bring my skills and experience to promote the health and wellness of my Graith Care clients! 


Cheri Morgan

In the three decades Cheri has been in healthcare, she has served her Nation as a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, worked bedside as an Open Heart Recovery/Transplant ICU nurse, and spent a decade as a travel nurse – where she tackled Neuro, Trauma, and Burn ICU care. When she hung up her traveling shoes, she found a new love in an old one! She served her beloved veterans once more – this time as house charge nurse at her local veteran’s long term care facility. Now, as a patient advocate, she brings her knowledge and experience to the table, excited to help anyone not blessed enough to have a nurse in the family!

Ethan Danserau

Ethan Dansereau helps his clients to achieve a healthier lifestyle and better overall wellbeing using food as medicine and other natural therapies. Addressing your nutritional deficiencies, which is one of the biggest root causes of health issues, is the most important step to feeling better. Heal your gut, heal yourself!

My interest in holistic health started when I was dealing with chronic gut issues and anxiety. I felt as if I was way too young to be feeling this way, so I kept masking the symptoms with medications only to exacerbate my issues.  After almost giving up and accepting that I was going to feel this way the rest of my life, I decided to give natural medicine a try. I shortly learned what the root cause of my issues were and was amazed how much better I felt after applying the things I was taught! What we eat has a major impact on how we feel, and I wanted everyone to know it’s possible! So, I decided to attend the Energetic Institute for Holistic Nutrition.  

Now, I use what I learned to help people who are suffering just like I was. We take a deep dive into your current diet and lifestyle, decipher what systems/organs of the body need assistance and teach you how to utilize food, supplements, and natural therapies to support your needs. The goal is to teach you how to help your body to work with you, not against you. I’m honored to be a part of the Graith Care team, whose goals and values are to help you take back control of your health. I love helping and seeing people heal, as they learn an important truth: The greatest healing power comes from within! 


Raul Rodriguez

Raul Rodriguez has 5+ years of experience in healthcare specializing in Pediatric and Neonatal Services. For over 5 years, Raul worked in the Appalachian Mountains tutoring 1 and 2 graders. His passion for children trickles down for his love of his wife, two daughters and his dog. Raul and his wife work in Church ministry preparing engaged couples for marriage. Raul also comes with some experience in journalism having interned for LifeSite News for more than 5 months under the personal tutelage of John Henry Westen. His love for God, country, and his family is grounded in prayer. He continues to work on Christian values that defend the family and human life. His medical expertise on the COVID-19 mRNA is entrenched on his personal journey for truth to help family members injured by the global vaccinations. When speaking to him, you get a sense that he understands that this moment in time, humanity is undergoing a battle between good and evil. Seeing global events from this perspective will help Raul’s clients find hope and joy again. There are medical options. Raul will help you explore them and venture into healing. He often argues that Providence demands it.

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