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Terms and Conditions

Graith Care, LLC
PMB 445
1314 W. McDermott Ste. 106 Allen, TX 75013

Re: Engagement of Graith Care
RE: Client or also known as the Primary Account Member is the is payee of the advocacy time and services

Scope of Service: Patient Advocacy, Consultation, Advice & Recommendation Client/Primary Member can add member(s) to their account

Prior to starting services
#1. Service agreements must be signed and dated.
Copy of service agreement with terms and conditions below.




This letter will confirm that _________(“Client”), has engaged Graith Care, LLC to perform services for the purposes of providing the above referenced scope of service. Client has requested service(s) listed on the website for standard or limited time offers being promoted/offered. Graith Care’s engagement may include all necessary services in connection with scope of services and may request services in addition to initial requested service. In this regard, please note the following items with respect to our representation.


Client to Select upon enrollment one or more of the following services upon initial services. In the event, client would like to add subsequent services they can select one or more to continue Scope of Services. Client has requested services(s) listed on the website with current pricing available.


The Client will have the following options to select from.

  1. Regular Advocacy Services per selection of bundle with hourly rate.

  2. After Hours Advocacy Services selection for time collected outside regular Hours (See #9

    communications). After Hours is charged to card on file for completed advocacy time.

  3. Advocacy Add on Options: Client will or may have option to select if still available via promotion or offer. Limited time special offers will be a one-time flat fee per concern that is a purchased service outside or regular and/or after-hours services. Graith Care reserves the right to provide limited offer(s)

    as needed for business purposes and pricing will be provided upon request.


**This does not replace the advice of your medical provider. We encourage you to talk to a trusted medical provider that is willing to talk about all your concerns so you can make a fully informed decision about your healthcare next steps.

**All of these are options for you to be aware of so you can advocate for your own healthcare needs, do your own research, and weigh risk and benefits.


1. Fees. As the person with primary responsibility for the administration and provision of services (Client Signing Service Agreement) with respect to this matter, Graith Care, LLC will review all billing statements [or Invoices] before they are issued to Client to ensure that the amount charged is appropriate. Graith Care will charge standard hourly rates for the time devoted to this matter.

Our hourly rates will vary depending upon the service requested and assistants that may be necessary to review and advise client(s) in this matter. Graith Care charges as per selected service agreed to upon engagement of services. Other services usually involve different rates associated with maximum service times.

2. Initial Deposit. Graith Care will require an initial deposit with card on file for the agreed to services requested per client need. This deposit must be paid before any work will commence on behalf of the Client. Graith Care will credit all hourly fees, expenses, and other charges billed to Client against the deposit as they are incurred. The Client agrees to have a card on file charged in the event other advocacy services have been selected beyond the initial start of services.

3. Subsequent Deposit. In the event that further advocacy services are needed the card on file will be used for subsequent services. Subsequent services will be charged to card on file at time of needed services to continue. If there is an overage of advocacy time beyond the purchased amount and the client has no further advocacy needs the time will be prorated to the card on file. The prorated time will be based on the advocacy time selected on the initial service agreement on file.

4. Disbursements. In addition to the fees discussed above, the Client may be billed for out-of- pocket disbursements for such matters as travel, photocopies, telecopy, postage, express/overnight/2nd Day Air fees, court fees, messenger fees, computerized legal research, expert fees, deposition fees, court reporter fees and other costs incurred by Graith Care on behalf of the Client. Graith Care will advance such costs under $100.00 on the Client behalf. With the exception of photocopies, telecopy, postage and long-distance telephone charges, no disbursement will be incurred without the express approval of Client. Graith Care will ask the Client to pay costs in excess of $100.00, if any, directly.

5. Monthly Statements. Graith Care will provide Client with detailed billing statements [or Invoices] for services rendered by Graith Care as well as disbursements. Graith Care will tender statements at time of paid services. Graith Care will continue to issue statements to client(s) on a per service basis. Any Invoices that reflect services which exceed the Initial Deposit or Subsequent Deposit, are to be paid immediately upon receipt but, in no event later than thirty (30) days of the date of the statement.

6. Refund. Graith Care will provide refunds for advocacy time that is 30 minutes or greater in remaining balance. Graith Care will refund the amount based on the advocacy time selected on the initial service agreement on file. Graith Care will complete a refund within the 30-day time of client request that has been documented. Graith Care will provide the refund per selected business route back to the client who is the payee of the advocacy membership. No refund will be provided if selection of services is paid for with use of promo discount code as this option is deemed final with no refund option available.

7. Favorable Outcome Not Warranted. Graith Care makes no warranties or representations concerning the outcome of any service, consultation, advice, or recommendation. All statements of Graith Care concerning such matters should be deemed statements of opinion only.

8. Termination. Client has the right to terminate Graith Care's services at any time. However, this action, if taken, will not relieve Client of responsibility for fees or disbursements which have already accrued. Graith Care possesses the same right and may request Graith Care's withdrawal from any consultation in any matter should Client fail to pay billing statements [or Invoices] promptly, misrepresent or fail to disclose any material facts in the course of our consultation, or if anything else occurs that in Graith Care's judgment impairs the furtherance of an effective client relationship.

9. Communications. Graith Care will send Client copies of pertinent correspondence, documents, and other materials that we prepare or receive in the course of this engagement. If the client is not the one receiving the actual advocacy services and is the payee, further information Graith Care will provide will be based on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Standards. We ask that you contact us whenever you have any questions or comments regarding our service, fees, the status of

any matter, or whenever any new facts or circumstances come to your attention. Graith Care will use a HIPAA compliant software for communication(s) purposes. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and will do our utmost to address your interests professionally and efficiently.

Graith Care has the following as expectations for times of communication and services. Graith Care Advocates will be available for scheduled appointment times as agreed to per service selected. These visits are intended to best support our clients’ needs via the following options: tele-video visit, phone visit, and/or in person visit during standard business hours of operations 8am central standard time to 5pm central standard time Monday through Friday. In the event the client would like an outside of normal business hours, weekend, holiday (see list of included holidays) visit time with an advocate please communicate that need so an advocate can be available as this is not a guarantee of outside of normal business services.


  • New Year's Day,

  • Good Friday,

  • Easter,

  • Memorial Day,

  • Independence Day (4th of July),

  • Labor Day,

  • Thanksgiving Day,

  • Friday after Thanksgiving, and

  • Christmas Day.

  • Washington's Birthday or President's Day,

  • Good Friday,

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday,

  • Veterans' Day,

  • "Columbus Day" (also observed as

  • Indigenous Peoples Day), and/or

  • Christmas Eve, and/or New Year's Eve.


Canada or Other Country/Province Holidays:

The Client or also known as the Primary Member will have communication from the advocate match regarding Canada or Other Country/Province Holidays. The expectation is for a client to schedule time with their advocate and the advocate to communicate if the requested date is respective Holiday to avoid any confusion of After Hour charges.

In the event a communication has been sent to Graith Care via software, messaging, phone communication, email for a client need that is requesting follow up the expectation will be for the contractor and client to agree to a follow up time accordingly that is within reason.


Graith Care does not provide any physicians’ or other providers’ services itself. All of the providers or non-medical agencies are independent of Graith Care. Any information or advice received from a provider or non-medical agency comes from them alone, and not from Graith Care. Neither Graith Care, nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates or any third party who may promote the service or provide a link to the service, shall be liable for any professional advice obtained from a health care provider via the service or for any other information obtained on the website. You acknowledge that your reliance on any healthcare providers or non-medical agency information provided is solely at your own risk and you assume full responsibility for all risk associated herewith.


If these conditions are acceptable, please execute this agreement in the space provided. Once the electronic document has been completed it will automatically return to Graith Care. If you have any questions, please call Graith Care at 469-864-7149.



/s/ Priscilla Romans
Priscilla Romans on behalf of Graith Care



Client Signature


cc: Accounting

July 2023 Confidential and Proprietary Graith Care, LLC

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