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Pricing for Our Patient Advocacy Services at Graith Care

We specialize in independent patient advocate services to fulfill a wide variety of health care needs! 

Individual Advocacy Pricing

We offer a flexible approach to independent patient advocacy, allowing you to purchase advocacy time based on your specific needs. Explore our pricing options:

1 Hour: $149

2-Hour Bundle: $298 

($149 per hour)

4-Hour Bundle: $556

($139 per hour)

8-Hour Bundle: $1,032

($129 per hour)

Group Plans Pricing

We're also thrilled to offer our Group Advocacy Plans for your team, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and groups like yours. With our dedicated team of patient advocates, we provide personalized support and advocacy services that can transform the healthcare experience for your employees. When you buy a Bundle Plan - you can use this across your team. Each member of your team can be allocated Advocacy time and have access to their own personal Advocate.

25 Hour Bundle: $3,125

50-Hour Bundle: $6,250 

75-Hour Bundle: $9,375 

100-Hour Bundle: $12,500

What happens after getting started?


Once enrolled, you’ll receive a Welcome Email explaining the next steps and a member of the Intake team will contact you to discuss your requirements. After the call and if we can meet your needs, you will receive a Service Agreement to complete and sign.  After matching you with a personal advocate, the advocate will contact you to discuss your advocacy needs. For further assistance, email


Why do we charge for this advocacy service?

We are not only providing a great service that is badly needed today, but the cost of operating a service is expensive and most important we want to take care of our team of advocates who are doing a great job! In many cases people hire a Graith Care Advocate because the healthcare system has not taken care great of them.


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