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Conquer Uncertainties and Channel Fear into a Game Plan with Graith Care Patient Advocates

As the new year unfolds, the ever-present fear of the unknown seems to loom large in the minds of many. In numerous conversations, I've listened to people express their worries and concerns, often centered around the "what ifs" and the uncertainties that life can throw at us.

Questions like:

  • What if I get Cancer?

  • What if someone sheds on me?

  • What if my cough turns into COVID pneumonia?

  • What if my doctor doesn’t want to do the things I want done?

  • What happens if I need to go see hospital care?

  • What if my mom gets sick and needs more help than I can do for her?

  • What if my child gets an injury from a vaccine?

  • What if the medication I am taking is harming me?

These fears are not uncommon, and it's natural to feel anxious about uncertainties in our health. However, what if we could transform this fear into motivation and positive energy? What if, instead of being overwhelmed by the unknown, we could take control of the situation and face it with resilience?

Your Advocate: A Key Player in Turning Fear into Empowerment

The good news is that you don't have to face these fears alone. All you need to do is call your advocate! Let’s get a game plan! Many of the fears and "what ifs" that people grapple with can be turned around, even in the face of life's most significant challenges. Sometimes, all it takes is some guidance from a dedicated advocate.

At Graith Care, we understand that different situations require different expertise. That's why we have assembled a diverse team with a range of advocacy talents. Your advocate is your ally, ready to help you navigate through uncertainties and create a plan that empowers you.

How Can Graith Care Advocates Help?

  1. Personalized Guidance: Your advocate provides personalized guidance based on your unique situation, ensuring you have a plan that aligns with your health goals.

  2. Comprehensive Support: From hospital care and insurance questions to specialty services, our advocates cover a wide range of healthcare needs.

  3. Empowering Plans: Advocates work with you to proactively plan for your healthcare needs, turning fear into a well-thought-out strategy.

  4. Accessible Support: In times of unexpected crises, having a dedicated advocate ensures swift access to support, helping you navigate emergency situations with confidence.

What to do next.

  1. For Existing Clients: If any fear or "what if" comes to mind, call and talk to your advocate. We are here to guide you through and develop a plan that empowers you. Call us at (469)864-7149 or email us at

  2. For New Clients: If you're considering starting your advocacy journey, now is the perfect time. Join the Graith Care family and purchase 1 hour of Advocacy Time

Together, we are winning! Remember, your advocate is just a call away, ready to turn fear into empowerment.

Wishing you health and resilience,

Priscilla Romans, Graith Care CEO

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