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Resources - Great Deals

Some helpful resources we highly recommend!

Global Healing

Use the link above to access the Global Healing website. Use Discount code GRAITH for 10% discount.

Use 'GRAITH' code in checkout for 10% discount

Graith Care’s choice for Wealth Security with Dr. Kirk Elliott  

Priscilla Romans, CEO & Founder of Graith Care is working with Kirk Elliott as people are concerned about what to do for their financial wealth and protect what they have!

Contact Kirk Elliott for a Free Consult TODAY!


Free Consultation

Natural Solutions

Natural Solutions Use Discount Code "Graithful" - 10% off all items offered online (includes Bio Kits)- DNA swab kits!

Best to know details at the DNA level!

10% OFF all items

Dr. Henry Ealy – Energetic Health Institute (EHI)


 Dr. Henry Ealy Certification Classes 

Get 20% off any full priced course

Use Promo code: GC20

Use Link to get 15% off

Compression Socks

Compression Socks with Discount Surgical


Lymphedema, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, plantar fasciitis, chronic vein insufficiency

Use Link to get 5% discount

Gravity Blankets

Weighted Blankets, Sauna blankets, deep tissue massager

Use Link to get 3% off

My Pillow – Dog Pillows, Slippers, Pillows and so much more!


Support My Pillow and Use Promo Code GRAITHFUL to get great deals! Supporting Believers in Medical Freedom is the right thing to do! The big controlled corporate chains are not supporting real people!

Priscilla and her family of 6 plus Oliver all love the products and use them daily!!

Great deals!

Ardis Club



Use “GRAITHFUL” code for 15% discount on products


If you order without the Club membership, please use the “GRAITHFUL” code. When you use the “Graithful” code you are also supporting Graith Care as we are an Affiliate of Ardis Labs hosted by Dr. Ardis.

 Get 15% OFF

Jonathan Otto Documentaries: Use Links and place name and email address

Absolute Healing Series:

               Brave Series:

Depression, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Dementia:

New Hope Series:

Well of Life Supplement Options:

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